We are ready to provide you a full range of services the choice for you electronic components:
our engineers will help you to choose the component best suited to your design our procurement specialists will select the most reliable and high quality manufacturers
our purchasing team will select the most reliable and high quality manufacturers
We work with the full range of electronic components

Audio & Video Connectors
Discrete Semiconductors
Encoder & Potentiometers
Energy Meter Accessories
Ethernet Connectors
Fiber Optic connectors
Flat Cables & Cable Assemblies
Fuses & Fuse Holders
Inductors & Transformers
LEDs, LED Displays, LCD Displays, LCD Modules
Quartz Crystal Units & Ceramic Resonators
Radiators & Heat sink
RF Connectors, RF Cable Assemblies, Antennas
Terminal Blocks
Wiring Accessories

Manufacturers of printed circuit boards, with whom we have been cooperating for more than 10 years, are proven and reputable manufacturers, and they are approved for such complex production as automotive and medical equipment.
Our engineers are specialize in working with a printed circuit board, and ready to provide you with the following services:

assistance in the final prepearing of the Gerber file;
coordination with the parts manufacturer;
coordination with the manufacturer's quality standards;
testing of the samples;
production support.


Logistic services

Comprehensive tailor-made logistics service
Warehousing & Pre-distribution Services
International ocean freight forwarding service
Packing, Picking, Crating, Assembly operation
International airfreight forwarding service
Customs clearance
Consultancy service
Our purchasers team has been working on the market of electronic components and printed circuit boards for more than 15 years.
Cooperating with us, you can obtain a full range of services without having your own purchasing department.
Our experts make the inspection of commodity before shipment.
This occurs either in the supplier's premises or in other premises that can be specified.
The inspection is aimed at ensuring that the goods strictly comply with the agreed specifications.
Customs clearance

More than ten years of interacting with customs authorities, as well as import and export inspectors, have given us experience in assisting our clients in customs clearance and inspection procedures. Our customs specialists are highly qualified in the provision of these services. They are familiar with detailed clearance policies and have the most recent information about events in ports. Our expertise in clearance services, in turn, has won the praise of customers. They trust us not just our customs assistance, but also our prompt solutions for their specific clearance needs. We are able to provide a set of clearance plans as quickly as possible.

We provide:

- selection of electronic components;
- select suppliers based on the specified parameters;
- verification of vendor certificates and their ability to manufacture and meet required parameters;
- conclusion of contracts with suppliers for the supply of products with the required conditions (control at all stages of production);
- financial support for procurement.

We always adapt our services to the needs of our customers. It may include the following scope of services:

- inspection and approval of ship holds to ensure proper conditions for cargo loading;
- checking the components' external parameters and characteristics stated in the manufacturer's documentation;
- checking packing and marking;
- photographic reports;
- certification of quality, quantity and condition.

Warehousing and delivery service

We cooperate with selected logistics companies which can provide you 24/7 warehousing services, including container storage, packaging and unpacking, as well as disinfection. Our convenient platforms and equipment facilitate quick and easy truck loading and unloading. In addition, we help customers with delivery around the clock. To meet the numerous logistics needs, we offer comprehensive services:
- design of transportation routes;
- integration and assemblage of containers;
- safe and convenient pick-up;
- door-to-door delivery.